The present disclosure pertains to a device for monitoring compressed median5 nerve. The device includes a set of sensors, a processing unit and acommunication module. The device is a wearable device. The set of sensors areconfigured to sense pressure on the median nerve around a pre-determined wristarea and correspondingly generate a set of signals. The processing unit isconfigured to extract one or more digital readings of the sensed nerve from the10 first set of signals, transmit a set of alert signals upon identification of theexceeded pressure limits from the compared one or more digital readings, wherethe set of alert signals are transmitted to one or more mobile computing devicesthrough a communication module. The set of alert signals facilitate in alerting anentity for compressed median nerve and enables in monitoring numbness and15 weakness in wrist.


Varsha Singh

Patent File Number - 202111030344        Patent File Date - 06/07/2021