According an embodiment, the present disclosure provides a vehicle locating device. The deviceincludes a relay configured with ignition system of the vehicle; a transceiver to receive acommunication signal from a computing device associated with a user; a control unit operativelycoupled with the transceiver and the relay to: extract a set of features from the receivedcommunication signal, wherein a first set of features is selected from the extracted set of featurespertaining to a unique identifier associated with the user; and authenticate the user by matchingthe unique identifier with a dataset comprising a set of prestored identifiers, wherein based onpositive authentication of the user, the control unit is configured to generate an output signal, andwherein on receipt of the output signal the relay configured to turn ON the ignition system of thevehicle if the ignition system is turned OFF, and wherein transmit the output signal to thecomputing device indicating position of the turned ON vehicle.


Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Arpit Jain, Abhay Saxena, Meenu Khurana, Sanjay Sharma, Arun Pratap Singh

Patent File Number - 201911049725        Patent File Date - 03/12/2019