The present disclosure provides a device (100) for facilitating remote interactive lessons between a first user and a second user. The proposed device (100) 5 includes an inclinable bench (102), removably supported by a base and a vertical support assembly (104), the inclination being adjustable by the first user. The bench (102) is enabled to support an inclined platform (108) adapted to receive a reusable writing surface. A set of images of the writing surface are enabled to be captured by an electronic image capturing, displaying and transmitting device, 10 that is configured to be attached to a mount (106) coupled to the bench. A set of actuators (110) coupled to the mount (106) are configured to be operated by the first user in generating a plurality of movements of the mount. The set of images are then transmitted through the electronic image capturing, displaying and transmitting device to the second user for interactive learning.


Naveen Kumar, Surya Narayan Panda, Rajesh Kumar Kaushal, Simranjeet Singh, Jyoti Sharma, Manish Sharma, Raj Gaurang

Patent File Number - 202111030343        Patent File Date - 06/07/2021