The present disclosure discloses a device 100 for facilitating cleaning and5 sanitizing of edible products. The device 100 can include a casing 102 foraccommodating edible products, such as vegetables and fruits. The device 100 caninclude valves 106 to facilitate inflow and outflow of a fluid to and from thecasing 102, respectively. The device 100 can include a motor 104 to facilitaterotation of the edible products and the fluid that facilitates cleaning and sanitizing10 of the edible products. The device 100 can include a heating element 110 toenable heating of the fluid. The device 100 can include a sensor 108 and a controlunit 112, where the sensor 108 can sense weight of the edible products, andcorrespondingly the control unit 112 can control parameters of the device 100,such as speed and time of operation.


Vishal Verma, Harsha Chauhan, Deepali Gupta, Sheifali Gupta, Kamali Gupta, Rupesh Gupta, Rahul Singla, Raman Gupta, Huma Naz, Prabhnoor Bachhal

Patent File Number - 202011041200        Patent File Date - 22/09/2020