The present disclosure pertains to a device (100) for chest binding. The device5 (100) includes a strap (102) adapted to be wrapped by an entity on the chest,where the strap (102) includes a flexible bladder (104) positioned at apredetermined place on the strap (102) and adapted to be configured at incisionpoint of the entity, a pump (106) coupled to the flexible bladder (104) andconfigured to inflate a predefined amount of fluid into the flexible bladder (104) ,10 where the inflated predefined amount of fluid facilitate the flexible bladder (104)to be in a second predetermined size. The flexible bladder (104) with the secondpre-determined size enables providing stability and support at the incision point ofthe entity. The strap (102) includes a meter coupled to the pump (106) andconfigured to measure the predefined amount of fluid inflated into the flexible15 bladder (104).


Gandhi Karunanithi Balaji, Zabiya Bohra

Patent File Number - 202011046835        Patent File Date - 27/10/2020