A device 100 for applying a fluid material to a surface is disclosed. The discloseddevice 100 includes a first member 102 and a second member 5 122, such that thesecond member 122 is fluidically coupled to the first member 102, and configuredto facilitate application of the fluid material to the surface. The device 100includes a cavity 104 positioned within the first member, and adapted to store thefluid material. A brush 124 and a spatula 126 are movably coupled with the10 second member 122, such that the brush 124 is configured for applying the fluidmaterial over the surface, and the spatula 126 is configured for mixing, spreadingand lifting a food item. The device 100 includes a heating unit 106 operativelycoupled with the first member 102, such that the heating unit 106 enables heatingof the fluid material stored in the cavity 104.


Sakshi, Chetan Sharma, Prasenjit Das, Sachin Ahuja, Shaily Jain, Shankar Shambhu, Parmod Kumar Yadav, Sanjiv Sharma

Patent File Number - 202011054563        Patent File Date - 15/12/2020