Dermal Patch of Curcumin for Therapeutic Uses

Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory and wound healing agent. On oral administration it undergoes extensive first pass metabolism leading to its low bioavailability. It has short t 1/2 of just 3 hours, due to its short time of action it’s required to be administered several times a day decreasing patient compliance. Due to its low bioavailability and low dose for administration curcumin can be considered as an ideal candidate for transdermal drug delivery. The present invention discloses a dermal patch comprising a composite film of chitosan and polyvinyl alcohol in an optimal raio of 1:4. Percentage of curcumin in the film is 97-98%. When the patch is pasted on the skin using biocompatible adhesive means, curcumin is released directly into blood stream, over a sustained period of time.


Inderbir Singh, Amrinder Singh, Sandeep Arora

Patent File Number - 2860/DEL/2014        Patent File Date - 08/10/2014