Decontamination Apparatus for Santization

The present disclosure relates to a decontamination apparatus for sanitizing one or more entities, where the one or more entities can include subject, object, human and animals. The apparatus can include an inlet, an outlet, one or more compartments which can include a detection unit to detect the one or more entities, at least one sanitizing unit configured to hold one or more sanitizing elements, a control unit operatively coupled to the detection unit, and configured to operate the at least one sanitizing unit, which include sanitizing elements. The sanitizing elements can include disinfectants,
ultraviolet (UV) sources, and dryer assembly 104-3 to sanitize the one or more entities when the more or more entities pass from inlet to outlet of the apparatus 100.


Anshuman Lal, Charu Khosla, Sachin Ahuja

Patent File Number - 202011024084        Patent File Date - 09/06/2020