The present disclosure pertains to a cooking appliance (100). The cooking5 appliance (100) includes a panel (102) configured with an outer surface andoperatively coupled to one or more heating elements, and a foldable plate (104)coupled to the panel (102) , wherein the foldable plate (104) is configured to movefrom a first pre-defined position to a second pre-defined position, and where theone or more heating elements are configured to heat the foldable plate (104). The10 first pre-defined position of the foldable plate (104) is below the panel (102) andthe second pre-defined position of the foldable plate (104) is above the panel(102), and where the foldable plate (104) is moved from the first pre-definedposition to the second pre-defined position through at least one roller (106). Thefirst pre-defined position is a contracted position of the foldable plate (104) and15 the second pre-defined position is an extended position of the foldable plate (104).


Sakshi, Chetan Sharma, Prasenjit Das, Sachin Ahuja, Shaily Jain, Shankar Shambhu

Patent File Number - 202011049181        Patent File Date - 11/11/2020