Controlled-Release Fluvastatin Microspheres By Response Surface Methodology

The present invention relates to controlled-release microsphere composition comprising fluvastatin or a salt thereof having a bilayer shell structure comprising an outer polymer layer and an inner layer, and a core comprising the fluvastatin or a salt thereof, wherein the microspheres have a mean size diameter in a range from 100 ?m to 500 ?m; and wherein, the drug to polymer ratio is in the range of 1:1 to 1:5. The present invention also relates to 10 optimization of the process for preparation of controlled-release microsphere by response surface methodology such that high entrapment efficiency and high yield of the microspheres is obtained.


Neelam Sharma, Sukhbir Singh, Sandeep Arora

Patent File Number - 201911054353        Patent File Date - 28/12/2019