The present disclosure pertains to a content delivery system and method, where5 the system includes a content server (102), and one or more groups of backupservers (104), one or more sink devices (108) in communication with the contentserver (102). The content server (102) includes a first computing deviceoperatively coupled to a first database and the one or more groups of backupservers include a second computing device operatively coupled to second10 database. The content server is configured to replicate one or more content storedin the first database based on categorization of the one or more contents and oneor more category of the backup servers (104) based on content request receivedfrom one or more users (110). The content server (102) is configured to route thereplicated one or more contents to the one or more group of backup servers (104)15 and enables improving performance and quality of service for content request.


Meenakshi Gupta, Atul Garg, Meenu Khurana

Patent File Number - 202111022105        Patent File Date - 17/05/2021