An aspect of the present disclosure provides a cleaning glove assembly. The system includes a glove adapted to receive a hand of a user. The glove includes a top surface on posterior sideof the hand and a bottom surface on anterior side of the hand, wherein the top surface havinga pocket for storing cleaning solution, and pipes fluidically coupled to the pocket, wherein thepipes extend from the pocket to edge of the glove, and wherein each of the plurality of pipeshaving a set of holes towards the bottom surface to facilitate discharge of the cleaningsolution. A switch coupled to the pocket such that when the switch is turned ON the cleaningsolution is released from the pocket to a surface of an object to be cleaned through the holesof the pipes.


Tarandeep Kaur Bhatia, Ramkumar Ketti Ramachandran, Kulpreet Kaur Bhatia

Patent File Number - 201911043391        Patent File Date - 24/10/2019