The present disclosure provides a circuit for noise mitigation. The circuit comprises aninput terminal, through which an input signal is applied, a noise control unit, to controlthe level of noise in the input signal, an output terminal, which provides a filtered signal. Thenoise control unit includes a transistor, a capacitor, and a resistor, such that thecapacitor is configured between a body terminal B and a gate terminal G of the transistor.The input signal is applied to a gate terminal G and a body terminal B, through the capacitor,of the transistor, where the configured combination of the transistor and the capacitorenables the circuit to control the level of noise in the input signal, and, further, the filteredsignal can be collected from the output terminal.


Kulbhushan Sharma, Rajnish Sharma

Patent File Number - 202011013726        Patent File Date - 28/03/2020