The present disclosure pertains to a casing 100 associated with a mobile computing device tofacilitate image capturing. The casing 100 includes at least one grip member configured to holdone or more fingers of a subject, at least one cable movably coupled with the casing, a firstactuator operatively coupled with the casing, and configured to generate a first set of signalswhen the subject actuates the first actuator, a control unit operatively coupled with the at leastone cable and the first actuator, and configured to extract a second set of signals from the first setof signals, where the second set of signals pertain to resistance parameters, generate a set ofactuation signals based on the extracted second set of signals, and a second actuator operativelycoupled with the mobile computing device and the control unit, and where based on thegenerated set of actuation signals the second set of actuator facilitates image capturing.


Sagar Juneja

Patent File Number - 202011028229        Patent File Date - 02/07/2020