The present disclosure pertains to a cap (100) for sanitizing assembly. The cap5 (100) includes a set of sensors (102) configured at a pre-determined position ofthe cap (100), where the set of sensors (102) are configured to sense movement ofa hand associated with an entity outside a pre-defined region of the cap (100), andcorrespondingly generate a first set of signals, a pump (104) operatively coupledto the set of sensors (102), and one or more nozzles (106) fludicially coupled to a10 container (204). The cap (100) is fastened with a container (204), where thecontainer (204) is adapted to accommodate one or more fluids, and where thepump (104) facilitates movement of the one or more fluids from a first pre-determined height to the second pre-determined height based on the received firstset of signals, and where the one or more fluids are dispensed from the one or15 more nozzles (106).


Vijay Kumar, Gurpreet Singh, Ravinder Singh

Patent File Number - 202011048590        Patent File Date - 06/11/2020