According to an embodiment, the present disclosure provides a brake light(s) system for vehicle.The system includesa set of sensors configured on a front portion of a first vehicle to sense oneor more attributes associated with a second vehicle positioned in front of the first vehicle, acontrol unit operatively coupled with the set of sensors to extract one or more parameter valuesfrom the sensed one or more attributes. Compare the extracted one or more parameter valueswith a dataset comprising a set of predefined threshold values pertaining to the one or more,wherein based on the comparison when the extracted one or more parameter values is more thanthe predefined threshold values, the control unit generates an alert signal indicative of the secondvehicle being within a predefined threshold of the second vehicle.


Sheifali Gupta, Rupesh Gupta, Aaishwarika Raj Sharma, Ashvajeet, Jatin Sharma, Vishal

Patent File Number - 201911046437        Patent File Date - 14/11/2019