The present disclosure pertains to a battery monitoring system including a set of batteries 102configured to supply electric power to the system, a sensor 104 operatively coupled with the setof batteries 102 and configured to detect electrical parameters of the set of batteries 102 andcorrespondingly generate a first set of signals, a processing unit 106 operatively coupled with thesensor, and configured to generate a set of alert signals when at least one of the electricalparameters is within the predetermined limit, and where the processing unit is configured with acommunication unit 108, and the communication unit facilitates transmitting the set of alertsignals to an alert unit 110. The system 100 includes a power source configured to supplyelectric power to the system 100. Also, the power source is configured to supply the electricpower to the system 100 when the set of batteries 102 become inactive.


Ramneet, Deepali Gupta, Mani Madhukar, Mudita, Sheifali Gupta, Kamali Singla, Sachin Ahuja, Rupesh Gupta, Pankaj Garg

Patent File Number - 202011033980        Patent File Date - 07/08/2020