The present disclosure pertains to a ballistic protection device (100) including asheet (102), one or more windows (104) configured with the sheet 5 (102) at a firstpre-determined position, where the one or more windows (104) facilitate viewingan entity, a linkage assembly (106) coupled between the one or more windows(104), where the linkage assembly (106) facilitate holding at least one weapon,and where the at least one weapon enables shooting the entity. The linkage10 assembly (106) includes a rotating base (108) to facilitate rotation of the at leastone weapon from a first pre-determined angle to a second pre-determined angle,one or more fasteners (110) configured with the rotating base (108), where the oneor more fasteners (110) enable supporting the at least one weapon on the rotatingbase (108), and where the linkage assembly (106) facilitate mobility of the at least15 one weapon during targeting and shooting the entity.


Puneet Bawa, Harmanpreet Singh, Parnav Garg, Virender Kadyan

Patent File Number - 202011054101        Patent File Date - 12/12/2020