The present disclosure pertains to an autonomous stretcher assembly (100)5 including a set of sensors (104), an image capturing unit (106), a set of motors(108), a processing unit (110), and an alert unit. The processor (110) facilitatesautonomous movement of the assembly (100) from a source to a destinationby detecting obstructions with help of the set of sensors (104) and the imagecapturing unit (106), and facilitate changing direction of one or more wheels10 associated with the stretcher (102). The processing unit (110) enables trackinguseful medical analytics and observing medical analytics which help doctorand medical practitioner to control medical situation efficiently. Theprocessing unit (110) facilitates route of the doctor’s cabin, operation theatre,and the like.


Tarandeep Kaur Bhatia, Arshdeep Singh

Patent File Number - 202111017457        Patent File Date - 14/04/2021