The present disclosure provides an automatic safety device (100) for safe5 landing of a user from an elevation. The device (100) includes a wearableassembly (102) comprising an apparel (104), adapted to be worn by the user anda parachute (106) coupled to the apparel. The device further includes a set ofsensors (108), configured to detect a set of signals for determining a set ofattributes of motion of the user and an actuator (112), enabled to activate the10 parachute. The device (100) also includes one or more processing units (110),communicatively coupled to the set of sensors (108) and the actuator (112), theone or more processing units being configured to receive a set of input signalsfrom the set of sensors (108) and generate actuation signals for activating theactuators. The one or more processing units (110) are operatively coupled to a15 set of input units, a set of output units and a direct current power source.


Kalpna Guleria, Sachin Ahuja, Pinaki Ghosh, Pradeepta Kumar Sarangi

Patent File Number - 202111021845        Patent File Date - 14/05/2021