The present disclosure provides a system (100) for automatic vehicle towing5 notification to a remote user. The system (100) includes one or more rangesensors (102), coupled to the one or more wheels of a parked vehicle, the one ormore range sensors (102) being configured to detect displacement of the one ormore wheels from ground. A processing unit (108) is enabled to activate one ormore imaging sensors (104), configured to capture a set of images of towing10 vehicle in front of or behind the parked vehicle. The set of images are used todetermine a first set of attributes of the towing vehicle. A localization sensor(106) is enabled to detect and monitor a second set of attributes of the towedvehicle, the second set of attributes pertaining to location. The first and thesecond set of attributes are transmitted to the remotely located user through15 GNSS network associated with the localization sensor (106).


Deepali Gupta, Mani Madhukar, Ramneet, Mudita, Sheetal Sharma, Sheifali Gupta, Kamali Gupta, Rupesh Gupta, Naresh Kumar

Patent File Number - 202111027359        Patent File Date - 18/06/2021