The present disclosure relates to a device for automatic hand scrubbing, washing,5 and drying, said device comprising: a receptacle (102) for allowing a user tomeasure size of his/her hand, based on which a scrubbing glove-shaped faucet ofmeasured hand size is activated such that the activated scrubbing glove-shapedfaucet appropriately grips the user’s hand; wherein said activated scrubbing glove-shaped faucet comprises a left hand washing chamber (104) and a right hand10 washing chamber (106), each of said left and right hand washing chambercomprising four walls (i,ii,iii and iv) with an upper zone (104A/106A) and a lowerzone (104B/106B) such that palmer surface of said user’s hand is in touch withthe walls, and back of the user’s hand remains in open space inside the respectivewashing chamber so as to accommodate user’s palm to allow one or more brushes15 to come in exact spaces of the palm to clean specified areas without hurting thehands.


Girija Shankar Mohanty, Keerti Bhusan Pradhan, Supriya Kumari

Patent File Number - 202111020942        Patent File Date - 08/05/2021