The present invention discloses an automatic beverage/drink/liquid dispensing machine. Machine is equipped with three types of sensors i.e. proximity sensors, load cell and color sensor. The proximity sensors detect the height of the beverage/drink/Liquid tumbler and based upon its height, it dispenses the desired quantity of the beverage/drink. Load cell confirms accurate dispensing of beverage/drink/Liquid in tumbler. Color sensor detects the base color of the beverage/drink/Liquid tumbler and dispenses same color of beverage/drink/Liquid as the color on the base of the beverage/drink/Liquid tumbler. For detecting base color of beverage/drink/Liquid tumbler, the color sensor is so fixed that it is always below the beverage/drink/Liquid tumbler. Hence this machine is so simple to operate that even a small child can use this machine.


Anuj Dawar, Anurag Kalyan

Patent File Number - 4295/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 28/12/2015