The present disclosure provides an automated cleaning assembly (100) and5 method, configured to detect and identify debris including dried leaves, using aset of sensors (124), collect the debris by a suction unit (112) of the assembly(110), store the debris in one or more hollow chambers (104), operativelycoupled to the suction unit (112) and dispose the debris from the one or morehollow chambers (104). The proposed assembly is configured to include one or10 more controllers (122), operatively coupled to the set of sensors (124) and aplurality of a set of actuators (110) for executing a set of instructions configuredto perform the functionalities of the assembly. The plurality of a set of actuators(110) facilitates locomotion of the assembly (100) and suction of the debris. Theproposed assembly (100) is configured to be electrically powered by at one or15 more power sources (130) including solar power.


Amandeep Kaur, Bhanu Sharma, Naveen Kumar, Meenu Khurana, Geetanjali, Poonam Jindal, Sheifali Gupta, Anshu Singla, Shalli Rani, Vinay Kukreja, Rakesh Ahuja, Varun Malik, Ruchi Mittal, Deepika Sharma, Vikas Rattan

Patent File Number - 202111020943        Patent File Date - 08/05/2021