The present disclosure relates to an apparatus 100 for dispensing liquid sanitizer, the apparatus including: a housing that can include a container adapted for storage of the liquid; a sensor 102 configured in the housing, the sensor configured to obtain one or more images of a hand of a subject; a valve 112 configured with the container, the valve operable by a motor to allow passage of the liquid from the container; one or more light source 108 configured in the housing. A processor 104 operatively coupled with the sensor, the motor and the light source, the processor configured to analyse, the one or more images of the hand of the subject, and determine a value for the hand of the subject to operate the corresponding one or more light sources to emit light; and the valve to dispense the predetermined quantity of liquid for a predetermined period of time


Mudita, Deepali Gupta, Ramneet, Sheifali Gupta, Sachin Ahuja, Kamali Singla, Rupesh Gupta, Raman Gupta, Jotesh Gupta, Rakesh Ahuja

Patent File Number - 202011033978        Patent File Date - 07/08/2020