Auto-Sanitizing Glove

The present disclosure pertains to an auto-sanitizing glove 100 to provide protection from surface to surface transmission of viruses and bacteria. The proposed auto-sanitizing glove 100 comprises a first surface and a second surface, where the first surface comprises compressing elements 102 filled with one or more fluids such as sanitizer, water, and disinfectant, and the second surface comprises a plurality of holes. The one or more fluids can move from compressible elements 102 to the plurality of holes through at least one pipe 106, when a pre-determined pressure is applied over compressible elements 102, and, the one or more fluids obtained from the plurality of holes can be used for sanitization of glove 100, an object, or a body part of a subject.


Maninder Singh, Ajay Kakkar

Patent File Number - 202011025624        Patent File Date - 18/06/2020