The present disclosure pertains to an auto-sanitizing glove 100 to provide protection fromsurface to surface transmission of viruses and bacteria. The proposed auto-sanitizing glove100 comprises a first surface and a second surface, where the first surface comprisescompressing elements 102 filled with one or more fluids such as sanitizer, water, anddisinfectant, and the second surface comprises a plurality of holes. The one or more fluidscan move from compressible elements 102 to the plurality of holes through at least one pipe106, when a pre-determined pressure is applied over compressible elements 102, and, the oneor more fluids obtained from the plurality of holes can be used for sanitization of glove 100,an object, or a body part of a subject.


Maninder Singh, Ajay Kakkar

Patent File Number - 202011025624        Patent File Date - 18/06/2020