An augmented reality based training system comprises a targeting unit embedded with atleast one optical marker; emulating headset comprising a set of sensors to sense one or moreattributes of the at least one optical marker. A processing unit to determine position of thetargeting unit with respect to the emulating headset by selecting a first set of attributes fromthe sensed one or more attributes, wherein the first set of attributes is associated with positionparameters of the targeting unit. Determine orientation of the targeting unit with respect tohorizontal plane and vertical plane by selecting a second set of attributes from the sensed oneor more attributes, wherein the second set of attributes is associated with orientationparameters of the targeting unit, responsive to triggering of the targeting unit at thedetermined position and orientation of the targeting unit, determine position of the target thatgets hit.


Amanpreet Kaur, Archana Mantri, Narinder Pal Singh

Patent File Number - 202011007492        Patent File Date - 21/02/2020