Augmented Reality Based Learning System And Method for K-Map Logic Designs

The present disclosure provides AR-based learning system and method for K-map logic designs. The system includes: input unit to generate input data; computing device(s) to display the generated input data on a display unit to allow user to
analyze and adjust positions of markers in marking region; and control unit to scan adjusted positions of markers, and generate scanned image. The control unit configured to: display the scanned image on display unit to allow user to mark pairs of K-maps; identify the marked pairs of K-maps as correct or wrong, and generate first data; and display the generated first data on the display unit. When the generated first data is correct, the computing device(s) allows user to write minimized equation on the display unit. The control unit identifies the written minimized equation as correct or wrong.


Rubina Dutta, Bhanu Sharma, Archana Mantri, Shivani Malhotra, Amit Kumar

Patent File Number - 201911025977        Patent File Date - 28/06/2019