Athletic Shoe With Pressure And Bend Detection Means

The inventors have disclosed an athletic shoe (especially for game of ‘Kabaddi’). This shoe can sense the foot touching the ground as well as it can sense the foot in air. It consists of normal shoe along with multiple pressure (1) and bend sensors (2) spread across the shoe sole. When any part of the shoe comes in contact with ground, an LED (4) connected to the pressure sensor (1) glows. When the foot is in air, it is always tilted or bent downwards to land on ground therefore bend sensors fitted in the shoe are activated and LED (4) with different color glows for each marked angle of bend. Therefore the umpire may see different colors almost simultaneously and can thus note the position of both the feet and easily take a decision on Bonus point.


Deepak Saluja, Shiva Gaur

Patent File Number - 201611025976        Patent File Date - 29/07/2016