The present disclosure pertain to an assembly to facilitate hands free operation of dispensers, said assembly 100 includes a frame 102 adapted to be coupled with a fluid dispenser and an actuator operatively coupled with the frame 102 such that the actuator upon actuation is configured to move a dispensing cap of the dispenser from a first position to a second position, where the first position corresponds to an extended position where the dispensing cap is un actuated, and the second position corresponds to a pressed position where the dispensing cap is moved to a predefined height below the first position to dispense the one or more fluids. The actuator includes a bar 104 movably coupled to the frame 102 and a foot pedal 108 operatively coupled to the bar 104, and where the movement of the foot pedal 108 enables the bar 102 to facilitate movement of the dispensing cap between the first position and the second position.


Gurpreet Singh, Vijay Kumar, Varun Batra, Ravinder Singh

Patent File Number - 202011029055        Patent File Date - 08/07/2020