According to an embodiment, the present disclosure provides an apparatus for spreading anagricultural material. The apparatus for spreading an agricultural material can include a supportstructure, a housing having a storage space to store the material, the housing can include an inletopening to receive the material, and an outlet opening for outflow of the material from thehousing, the housing fitted on the support structure such that a gap is created between the supportstructure and an outlet opening of the housing to allow outflow of the material, aslider plateslidably configured with the outlet opening of the housing. A rotor fitted on the support structure,wherein the rotor is configured such that a rotary part of the rotor is located in the gap forspreading the material coming out from the outlet opening through the gap.


Virender Kadyan, Deepika Koundal

Patent File Number - 201911050411        Patent File Date - 06/12/2019