The present disclosure relates to an apparatus (100) for removing undesired5 particles from objects, the apparatus including: an elongated tube (102) having aninner portion, the inner portion of the tube is configured with a piston (104), aconnecting rod (106) is adapted to move the piston in upward direction anddownward direction. A handle (108) coupled to the connecting rod (106), to movethe connecting rod (106) downward into the tube (102), the air pressure inside the10 tube forces a valve (110) to allow the air to eject out of one or more nozzles (112),the ejection of air out of the one or more nozzles adapted to open one or moreflaps (116) to capture the undesired particles by a pump (118), the capturedundesired particles are collected in the container(206) to be disposed.


Shalli Rani, Himanshi Babbar

Patent File Number - 202011039702        Patent File Date - 14/09/2020