Present invention discloses a complete system of insulin delivery in body. The system comprises a unique real time and non-invasive diagnosis method which includes non-invasive radio frequency (RF operating in ISM frequency band at GHz frequencies) based real-time glucose level monitoring with the help of a device is in the form of clip on to the soft skin of pollex area (pollex is between thumb and index finger). An Electronic Interface for detection of wave scattering parameters (s11) and transmits it through wireless module to the electroporator device and a non-invasive insulin delivery system comprising a wearable watch (big dial size) electroporator device for insulin delivery further comprises an Electroporator, Electronic Processor and Insulin reservoir directing insulin though arms. System also includes touch screen (input and display).


Nitin Saluja, Debrishi Ghosh, Thakur Gurjeet Singh, Varinder Singh, Rajesh Khanna

Patent File Number - 201711039928        Patent File Date - 09/11/2017