The present disclosure relates to an apparatus (100) for dispensing liquid sanitizer,the apparatus includes a frame (102) adapted to be worn on a 5 wrist of a subject, acontainer (108) adapted for storage of liquid sanitizer, one or more nozzles (106)configured on the frame, the one or more nozzles configured to, upon activation,allow dispensation of the liquid sanitizer, wherein the one or more nozzles isactivated by operation of a switch (104), and an alert unit (112) configured on the10 frame, the alert unit operable to trigger an alarm at predetermined period of time todecontaminate the hand of the subject, wherein, upon receipt of the alarm, the oneor more nozzles are activated by operation of the switch for predetermined periodof time, to allow dispensation of the liquid sanitizer, to decontaminate the hand ofthe subject.15


Surya Narayan Panda, Prabin Kumar Panigrahi, Naveen Kumar, Rajesh Kumar Kaushal, R.P. S Bedi, Simranjeet Singh

Patent File Number - 202011054146        Patent File Date - 12/12/2020