The present disclosure relates to an apparatus (100) for controlling movement of5 vehicle, the apparatus includes a frame (124) configured with a handle (102)adapted to be held by a user, a braking mechanism configured to the handle andcoupled with a wheel (126), the braking mechanism comprising, a brake lever (104)adapted to be operated by the user to move the brake lever in a first direction,wherein, the movement of the brake lever in first direction, creates a downward10 force to act on a lever latch (108) to fasten a gripping element of the lever latch witha hook (110). A brake arm (112) pivotally coupled to the brake lever, wherein, uponfastening the lever latch, the brake arm (112) is moved upward to contact the wheel(126) with a brake shoe (114) to effect stoppage of the vehicle.


Ankit Sharma, Vishal Dhiman, Atul Babbar, Rajeev Kamal Sharma

Patent File Number - 202011053210        Patent File Date - 07/12/2020