The present disclosure relates to an apparatus (100) for monitoring body temperature, theapparatus comprising: a shield (102) adapted to be worn on a face of a user, the shield coupledwith a frame (112), the frame adapted to fit over head of the user; a sensor (106) configured to,upon activation, detect temperature of the user, a display device (104) provided on the shield; anaudio device (204) provided on the frame of the apparatus; a processor operatively coupled to amemory, the memory storing instructions executable by the processor to: receive, from thesensor, upon activation of the sensor, a set of signals pertaining to temperature of the user;extract, from the received set of signals, a value of the temperature of the user, wherein theprocessor is configured to instruct the display device and the audio device to indicate the value ofthe temperature of the user


Rajesh Kumar Kaushal, Surya Narayan Panda, Naveen Kumar, Simranjeet Singh, Jyoti Sharma, Priyanka Datta, Shanu Bhardwaj

Patent File Number - 202011033979        Patent File Date - 07/08/2020