The present disclosure pertains to an apparatus and assembly for automatic5 feeding. The apparatus (100) includes a housing (102), a cap (104), and aprocessor (118). The cap (104) includes a set of sensors (106), an edible mixturedispenser (108), a heating element (110), a rotating member (112), a power source(114), and an alert unit (116). The housing (102) is adapted to accommodate acontainer including water or similar liquid for preparing feeding material. The set10 of sensors (106) are configured to detect voice and sound and accordingly theprocessor (118) actuates the edible mixture dispenser (108), the heating element(110), and the rotating member (112) for preparing milk and other liquidsupplement. After a boiling point is reached for liquid, the processor (118)facilitates in deactivating the heating element (110), and the rotating member15 (112), and actuates the alert unit (116). The assembly (104) is configured withexisting container.


Isha Kansal, Renu Popli, Nitin Goyal, Singara Singh Kasana, Deepali Gupta, Kalpna Guleria, Ashok Kumar

Patent File Number - 202111026250        Patent File Date - 12/06/2021