The present disclosure an anti-theft system 100 for a vehicle. The anti-theft system 100 can include a GSM module 102 coupled to the vehicle, a positioning unit 104 configured to determine position of the vehicle, and a control unit 106 to track location of the vehicle and control access to the vehicle. The anti-theft system 100 can also include an image acquisition unit 108 that can obtain images of face, pupil, fingerprint of an entity, license, and other such documents. Based on the obtained images, if control unit 106 authenticates the entity, then only the entity can access or drive the vehicle. However, in case of negative authentication of the entity, control unit 106 can generate a set of alert signals.


Shalli Rani, Shvet Jain, Debarshi Ghosh, Jashanveer Singh, Anirudh Garg

Patent File Number - 202011027232        Patent File Date - 26/06/2020