An Improved Quantum Dot Cellular Cell Based Gate Design

The invention discloses QCA based Five –input majority gate with reduced number of QCA cells and high performance coplanar RAM cell design using Five-input majority gate with least feature size, thereby reducing the total area occupation and power dissipation. Beside that present design has the SET/RESET capability and has the advancement that problem of unreachability of output cell and input cells in a single layer structure have been solved. The present QCA based Five- input majority gate structure can be used for both single layer and multi-layer design. The designed Five- input majority gate having only 17 QCA cells can be used for making some other electronic circuit other than RAM cell. For Example multiplexer, demultiplexers, flip flops and latches etc.


Amanpreet Sandhu, Sheifali Gupta

Patent File Number - 201811013907        Patent File Date - 11/04/2018