The present disclosure provides an eye-ware 100 that includes a wearable frame 302 that canbe adapted to be worn by a user, two frame inserts 304-1 and 304-2 that are attached to theframe 302, sensors 104 that are positioned at a first pre-determined position on the frame 302,and irradiating sources 102, where the irradiating sources 102 and the sensors 104 arepositioned such that the irradiation emitted through the irradiating sources 102 passes throughat least one optical axis associated with at least a part of an eye of the user before beingsensed by the sensors 104. The processing unit 106 of the eye-ware 100 generates set of datapackets corresponding to the irradiation sensed by the sensors 104, and the set of data packetsare transmitted to mobile computing devices 108, which enables the eye-ware 100 to assist inocular communication.


Deepali Gupta, Sheifali Gupta, Vishal Verma, Harsha Chauhan, Udit Jindal, Rupesh Gupta, Kamali Singla

Patent File Number - 202011003608        Patent File Date - 27/01/2020