An Electronic Device To Improve Hearing of A User

The present disclosure relates to an audio/sound device, and more specifically, to an 5 electronic device that enables to control specific external sound(s) for improvement hearing of a user. The electronic device includes a transceiver and a hardware processor. The transceiver receives a plurality of signals from signal generating sources. The hardware processor communicatively coupled to the transceiver device and a memory, the memory stores one or more instructions executable by the one or more processors. The hardware processor detects a first set of signals from the plurality of received signals. The hardware processor retrieves a second set of signals from the first set of signals having a threshold level above at least one specified level and determines at least one signal from the second set of signals that is at least one recognized signal associated with at least one specified object.


Ashok Kumar, Megha bhushan, Kanupriya, Shagun Sharma, Mamta Nanda

Patent File Number - 201911037928        Patent File Date - 20/09/2019