An Efficient Fire Extinguishing Apparatus

According to an aspect the present disclosure provides an efficient fire extinguishing apparatus. The apparatus includes: at least two storage tanks for storage of water and sediment such that the water and the sediment is stored in respective storage tank of the at least two storage tanks; a mixer tank having at least two inlets to receive the stored water and
the stored sediment from, the mixer tank is adapted to mix the received water and sediment to form a homogeneous mixture; and an output storage tank having an inlet to receive and store the formed homogeneous mixture, the output storage tank having a first rotary device configured with an outlet of the output storage tank to generate a forced draught of the stored
homogeneous mixture, wherein the generated forced draft of the stored homogeneous mixture enables efficient extinguishing of fire, and wherein the homogeneous mixture facilitates efficient extinguish of the fire.


Sheifali Gupta, Sachin Ahuja, Rupesh Gupta, Aaishwarika Raj Sharma, Poonam

Patent File Number - 201911028987        Patent File Date - 18/07/2019