A height adjustable workbench is disclosed. The work bench includes: a fixed surface; anadjustable surface configured to move upwards and downwards in a plane perpendicular tothe fixed surface; a set of linear actuators coupled to the fixed surface and the adjustablesurface to facilitate the upward and downward movement of the adjustable surface; a set ofrotary devices coupled to the set of linear actuators, the rotary device configured to rotateselectively in clockwise and anticlockwise directions to move the adjustable surface in theupward and the downward directions, wherein when the rotary device rotates in clockwisedirection the adjustable surface moves away from the fixed surface, and wherein when therotary device rotates in anticlockwise direction the adjustable surface moves towards thefixed surface; a first set of sensors coupled to the adjustable surface, and configured to senseone or more parameters associated with height of a user; and a control unit operativelycoupled to the first set of sensors and the set of rotary devices, the control unit configured to:compare the sensed one or more parameters with a dataset comprising predefined one ormore parameters; generate a height adjusting signal based on the comparison; and transmitthe generated height adjusting signal to the set of rotary devices, wherein based on receipt ofthe height adjusting signal, the set of rotary devices rotates selectively in clockwise oranticlockwise direction to adjust the distance between the adjustable surface and the fixedsurface.


Reetu Malhotra, Aashish Goyal, Mridula Batra, Ritvik Bansal

Patent File Number - 201911031812        Patent File Date - 06/08/2019