The invention discloses a petrol adulteration checking apparatus, which will indicate the adulteration by blinking the appropriate LED and displaying the octane number on the screen of ECU. An external container i.e. thermally isolated from the external environment is connected to ECU with an electrical wire arrangement for feeding the temperature readings to ECU form the container which is having the sample of petrol to be examined. The temperature is measured with the help of probe immersed in the sample container, which is further connected to ECU with electrical wire. The ECU unit is pre-fed within its console about various adulteration levels that may be present in the petrol and its calibration with the resulting temperature. After comparison between pre-existing temperature readings and temperature reading from sample, the final result is indicated by the ECU in terms of LED indication and octane number displayed on LCD.


Manmohan Singh, Mehul Singla, Eshita Sharma

Patent File Number - 201811007414        Patent File Date - 27/02/2018