The present disclosure pertains to an alerting and decontaminating device. The device 100includes a holding unit 110 configured to store one or more fluids, a first set of sensors 102configured to detect movement of hand associated with the entity, and correspondingly generatea first set of signals, an image acquisition unit 104 configured to capture one or more facialimages of the entity, and correspondingly generate a second set of signals, a second set ofsensors 106 configured to monitor a distance between the hand and face of the entity, andcorrespondingly generate a third set of signals. the device 100 includes a processing unit 108configured to enable the image acquisition unit and the second set of sensors to monitor thedistance between the hand and face of the entity upon identification of registered entity, andgenerate a set of alert signals, when the distance is within the predetermined limit.


Ravneet Kaur, Ramandeep Singh

Patent File Number - 202011034484        Patent File Date - 11/08/2020