According to an embodiment, the present disclosure provides an air purifier device. The airpurifier device can include a housing comprising an inlet to enable drawing ambient air insidethe housing; an inlet pipe configured with the inlet at its one end, wherein a heating element isconfigured at inner periphery of the inlet pipe to enable heating of the drawn air. An enclosedchamber disposed inside the housing, and coupled to other end of the inlet pipe to settle thedrawn air to facilitate removing unwanted particles from the settled air thereby cleaning thesettled air. An outlet pipe configured with the enclosed chamber at its one end, and configuredwith an outlet of the housing at its other end to discharge the filtered air through the outlet of thehousing.


Bhawneet Singh, Ekamjot Singh, Jasmeet Bawa, Gulshan Dhillon

Patent File Number - 201911053531        Patent File Date - 23/12/2019