Agricultural Fertilizer Spreading Apparatus And Method Thereof

The present disclosure relates to an intelligent spraying apparatus for dispensing fertilizers in/over a soil. The intelligent spraying apparatus includes an enclosure, an air flow generator, and animage capturing device. The enclosure encloses an air flow generator and storage container holding the fertilizer. The image capturing device captures an image of plants being currently grown in the soil and determines a value of a green colour according to a density of plants and triggers the controller to obtain a first pre-determined quantity of the fertilizers from the storage containers based on the quantity of the determined desired fertilizer currently present. The controller dispenses a mixture of the first pre-determined quantity of the fertilizers and the second pre-determined quantity of air in/over the soil based on the real-time detection of the requirement of soil through the dispenser pipe.


Virender Kadyan, Amitoj Singh, Munish Kumar

Patent File Number - 201911025479        Patent File Date - 26/06/2019