The present disclosure pertains to an aerial system (100) for extinguishing fire5 including a first set of sensors (102) configured to detect heat parameters of anarea of interest , a second set of sensors (104) configured to detect one or moreairborne particulates of the area of interest , an image capturing unit (114)configured to capture one or more images of the area of interest , an unmannedmanual vehicle (UAV) (106) including a sound wave generator (108), and a10 cooling assembly (110). The system (100) includes a processing unit (112)configured to actuate the sound wave generator (108) and the cooling assembly(110) to enable extinguishing fire. The processing unit (112) is configured toactuate the image capturing unit (114) and configured to map location of thecaptured one or more images corresponding to a dataset, where the dataset15 includes location of the area of interest.


Bhanu Sharma, Ashwani Singh, Shweta Lamba, Surya Narayan Panda, Archana Mantri

Patent File Number - 202011040138        Patent File Date - 16/09/2020