The A V-type solenoid engine for vehicle is disclosed. The engine can include: two set of solenoids configured on an engine block in a V-shape profile, each of the two set of solenoids having a plunger, and each of the plungers are connected to a single crank-shaft; two switches comprising a normally open switch and normally closed switch, the two switches are configured to control power supply to the two set of solenoids from a power source; and a flywheel coupled to the crank-shaft, said flywheel having two projections at outer periphery of the flywheel, wherein rotation of the flywheel affect actuation of the two switches simultaneously to maintain power supply to one of the two set of solenoids at a time.


Rupesh Gupta, Guneet Singh, Archit Verma, Aniket Kumar, Amit Sharma

Patent File Number - 201811043762        Patent File Date - 20/11/2018