A System, Smart Walking Stick And Method for Guiding A User

The present disclosure provides a system, smart walking stick and method for guiding a user. The system includes: a walking stick; wheels fitted to walking stick; a rotary device operatively coupled to wheels, and configured to control steering and movement of wheels; a recording unit attached to walking stick, and configured to record surrounding premises of user to generate data packets in real-time; and a control unit operatively coupled to recording unit. The control unit is configured to: identify obstacles selected from any of static obstacles and dynamic obstacles based on generated data packets; obtain attributes associated with identified attributes; control direction of rotation of rotary device to control steering and
movement of the wheels based on obtained attributes of identified obstacles; and guide user holding walking stick to an obstacle free path based on controlling of wheels to prevent collision of user with identified obstacles.


Ashok Kumar, Megha bhushan, Kanupriya, Shagun Sharma, Mamta Nanda

Patent File Number - 201911033206        Patent File Date - 16/08/2019